Boost Your ROI at Next Tradeshow

Trade Shows ROIExhibitions and trade shows offer an excellent environment for businesses to generate sales leads, interact with business prospects, close sales, and accelerate the sales process. No doubt, technology has made business easier than ever but still a face-to-face interaction is important to infuse confidence about your brand amongst the audiences and eventually secure a deal as well. Exhibitions play a great role in enhancing your brand awareness, attract potential customer details and maintain a rapport with your existing customers. However, your exhibition success can only be measured by your ROI or Return on Investment. This means, your first goal must be to generate maximum leads and close as many sales as possible.

Here are a few easy ways to improve your ROI in the show.

• Exhibition meeting- Make sure your staff understands the purpose of your attending the show and is able to work in close harmony to achieve the goals. For this, you must have both pre as well as post exhibition meetings with the staff members that would attend the show. Remember the goal and the role of every individual employee should be defined clearly. Post the exhibition, it is important to discuss what all went GOOD and what all went WRONG with your staff. This adds to their knowledge, which is important for your business.

• Target the right set of people- You must know your target audiences to be able to maximize your ROI. After all, why would you want to waste time over people who just come and go with no interest in your business or offerings?

• Follow up is important. The people you interact with and meet during the show should be contactable even after the show. Therefore, don’t forget to ask for their business cards, offer your business card and/or note down their contact details for further communication.

• Send personalized mails to your prospects instead of spamming them with bulk automated mails. You may send across your newsletters or other documents worth reading. The prospects should be kept updated about your latest offerings and shows where they can come and see your products in future.

• You may also want to categorize your leads on the basis of urgency, for instance hot, cold and warm, when your sales team follows the leads.

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